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General Info

P.O. Box 189 / 8815 Conn Creek Rd. Rutherford, CA 94573
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T:  707-963-4704    F:  707-963-0242    E:

Some Useful Folks to Know

John Williams

Owner, Founder and Winemaker

Shannon McLaren


Frank Leeds

Vice President
Vineyard Operations

Jonah Beer

Vice President
Trade Sales & Marketing

Jessica Hague

Vice President
Direct to Consumer Sales & Marketing

Rory Williams

Director of Viticulture & Winemaking

Paula Moschetti


Michelle Watkins

Trade Sales Manager

Megan Bolter

Director, Fellowship & Client Services

Pablo Polanco

Cellar Master

Brandi Haley

Tasting Room

Rebeca Ramírez

Trade Visits

Degge Hays


Natalie Paige Barnard

Social Media

Seth Stanton

Service Standards Manager

Megan Anderson

Assistant Tasting Room Manager

Nick Magnello

Manager, Fellowship & Client Services

Brad Lusk


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