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Petiole Sampling, Bloom and Cultivation at White Barn Vineyard

In The Vineyard With

Rory Williams, Director of Viticulture & Winemaking

What are petioles, and why do we take samples of them? Rory Williams shines a light on petioles, and explains why testing samples of them can be a gamechanger for the vineyard.

In short, petioles are the stems of the leaves, which contain crucial information about the vine’s composition. We send these off to the lab, where they are turned into ash and analyzed for their mineral content to help us farm better—in step with our vines and their nutrient needs. “This our most sure-fire way of getting nutritional analysis from the vines every single year,” says Rory.

We sent off our samples earlier in the growing season, and our vines are now all the way through bloom. Although they are still, phenologically speaking, two weeks behind on previous vintages, crop size is looking promising.

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